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Chianti Wine

    The vineyard is the most important crop. The red grapes "Sangiovese" are the best for Chianti Wine (Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG).
    The white grapes "Trebbiano Toscano" and "Malvasia del Chianti" get Tuscan Table White Wine and Chianti Saint Wine (Vin Santo del Chianti DOC): Vinsanto is an aperitive or dessert wine, produced selecting and making grapes dry, well associated with biscuits and sweets in general.

Vineyeard flowers (may). Guest House Farm 'La Torretta', Siena, Tuscany: country holiday
Vineyard flowers (may)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The olives are producted in the farm by typical Tuscan olive types - Frantoiano, Moraiolo, Leccino, Pendolino - which are harmoniously distributed in our Olive grove and registred as "Denomination of Protected Origin" (DOP) of Tuscan oil extravirgin of olive.
    The olive gathering is made with the bare hand from end of October until November and the olive working take place within a few days, to assure the peculiar characteristics of the olive and than of oil, but the price is four times higher than other origins. It's used raw for seasoning or for cooked dishes.

Olive grove, Farm Holidays 'La Torretta', Siena: Bed and Breakfast - Holiday lettings
Oliv bloom (june).


    The farm produces extremely pure saffron, that has been cultivated in this country since thirteenth century.
    The saffron is an Autumn crocus, and its splendid lilac flowers can only be seen starting from mid-October for about 20 days. The stamens of the flowers are removed with infinite care: they are packaged entire to grant the purest quality and their strong, spicy and slightly bitter aroma. The production of a kilogram of saffron stamens needs about 150.000 flowers. The price is higher than gold, therefore called "red gold".

Saffron flower (november), Country House 'La Torretta', Siena, Tuscany: farmstay
Saffron flower (november)


    The capers grows in wall joints of the farmhouse, and you have a splendid bloom through the whole summer.
    They are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine: the buds, when ready to pick, are a dark olive green and about the size of a fresh kernel of corn, then they are pickled in salt, or a salt and vinegar solution. The mature fruit of the caper shrub are also prepared similarly, and marketed as caper berries.

Caper, Farm Holiday 'La Torretta', Sienna: Holidays Home
Caper: flowers and buds (july-august)

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